Dan Witz Studio Visit

Written by Manuel Bello
Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 10:27am

Manuel visits the Brooklyn studio of street artist (also w/ intense oil painting skills) Dan Witz whose show, WTF, just opened on Saturday @White Walls here in SF.

Witz is an original in so many ways. His fine art as well as street art work is never short of being completely innovative, always thought provoking and constantly evolving into something that is even more vague with each passing year. Leaving so much to be thought about. Dan Witz as an artist is an absolute pioneer, Dan Witz as a person is completely conscious, just and grounded.

“I’m trying to exploit our collective tendency towards sleepwalking by inserting outrageous things right out there in plain view that are also practically invisible. My goal is to make obvious in your face art that 99% of the people who walk by won’t notice.

Eventually when they stumble upon one or find out about it I’m hoping they’ll start wondering what else they’ve been missing.” -Dan Witz

I was lucky enough to head out to Brooklyn on a rather mute winters morning to see his studio. Frozen metal, heavy holiday heart, and a day with Dan Witz. What could be more perfect?! -Manuel Bello

Red barbed wire… I must be getting close..

At last, the studio and home of Dan Witz.

Dan Witz fine art painting skills are beyond amazing.

His life seems to imitate his art or is it vise versa.

Dan show cases his latest batch of street art creations that are all photo realistic painting which adds an incredible amount of visual depth.

This gas mask duo reminds me of a couple fryers I know.

Dan first began putting up his hooded figure in the streets of New York in the early 1990’s.

love how artists work with technology based imagery will be so defined by time.

Some of Dan Witz classic mosh pit pieces.

Tea time with Dan, awesome!

Needless to say, this was my cue to make a quick departure… As I was finding myself becoming attached!

Back to Manhattan

Via my favorite of the New York City bridge… The rustic Queens Borough Bridge!

Back to being lost in transportation.
Many thanks to Dan Witz for having me over, fueling me with tea and being an all around rad guy!
Words and Photography: Manuel Bello

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