Wooster Collection – 2004

“My Summer Vacation”

October 2, 2004

Dan Witz is one of the main inspirations behind the Wooster Collective website. It was in the days immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, that we first came across Dan’s painted shrines that he placed at the bottom of a group of lampposts in our neighborhood (the West Village of New York). A little investigation lead us to Dan. After learning about his Hoodie project done back in 1994, we were hooked. (Check his website for photos). In the last few years it’s been an incredible pleasure for us to get to know Dan. Here’s his report on his “Summer Vacation”:

“for me summer’s a window, a brief envelope, time for serious street art. This year I started out all focussed and motivated and full of winter smart projects and carefully thought out artsy schemes at which I dutifully worked and toiled; I fought the good fight, not givin’ in to the ghosts of self doubt, but then sometime around July realized I wasn’t havin’ much fun and the work although sincere was startin’ to show it, so I sat back a bit and did a quick fun mini-series or two and finally, today, I finished with this piece.”… Dan

See more of Dan’s pranks .


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