2006-2007 Kilroy Variations

“During World War II, the saying “Kilroy Was Here!” began to appear as graffiti at home and wherever the American military traveled abroad. Eventually the saying, and the cartoon character that often accompanied it, came to represent America’s worldwide presence.”

This was the first graffiti I remember being aware of as a kid. To this day the idea of drawing a horizontal line that magically creates space and becomes the top of a wall still amazes me.


Man of Sorrows

Mixed media sticker on street signs with airbrush shadows. A collaboration with the Butoh artist Ian Caskey. I did 5 in San Francisco and about 30 of them in “undisclosed” New York City locations.

The Third Man

My second annual New Year’s prank. These are real gloves I’ve altered and installed around my neighborhood. I’m calling the series “The Third Man” (after the movie). Much more to come on this project when the weather gets warmer.

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