1995-1996 NYC

Probably the greatest single influence or impetus to innovation in my street art career has been the need to avoid the police. Because of the necessity to reduce my time and exposure on location I came upon the idea of using pre-made sticker modules.

I start with a photo printed on vinyl adhesive sticker paper. I paint and draw over the photo to make it more realistic—more three dimensional, then carefully cut it out. For awhile I tried hiring someone to cut them out for me but it didn’t really work. The cutting is an integral part of the piece, much like drawing.

For the shadows I use an airbrush on the actual wall. I do this quick. Most installations have me exposed less than 5 minutes in the felony zone. Nine times out of ten when the cops pull over I’m already taking the photograph. I tell them I’m a photographer. Hearing this, they usually don’t bother to get out of the car.

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